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Hedgehog pathway inhibitors are small molecules that inhibit the activity of a component of the Hedgehog signaling pathway. Due to the role of aberrant Hedgehog signaling in tumor progression and cancer stem cell maintenance across cancer types, inhibition of the Hedgehog signaling pathway can be a useful strategy for restricting tumor growth and for preventing the recurrence of the disease post-surgery, post-radiotherapy, or post-chemotherapy. Thus, Hedgehog pathway inhibitors. Hedgehog pathway inhibitors target the Hedgehog signaling pathway, blocking the activities of the Hedgehog-ligand cell surface receptors. Hedgehog pathway inhibitors may be used to treat basal cell carcinoma that has spread to other parts of the body Sonidegib (LDE225, erismodegib, or ODOMZO) is another cyclopamine-derived SMO inhibitor discovered in an in vitro, high-throughput screen. Sonidegib is approved for the treatment of patients with advanced BCC that has recurred following surgery or radiotherapy, or those for whom surgery or radiotherapy is not an option (49, 50)

Das Basalzellkarzinom gilt in Mitteleuropa als häufigster maligner Tumor. Aktuelle Studien geben Aufschluss darüber, wie sich manche Basalzellkarzinome der Hedgehog-Inhibition entziehen, warum es zu Therapieversagen topischer Verfahren bei superfiziellem Basalzellkarzinom kommt und wie sich letzteres von Morbus Bowen abgrenzen lässt.. Hedgehog (Hh) is composed of N-terminal and C-terminal domains that dissociate in a self-catalyzed proteolytic cleavage reaction. The N-terminal product HhNp, modified by cholesterol during self-cleavage, harbors all known Hh signaling activities Vismodegib ist ein Arzneistoff, der in der oralen Behandlung von Patienten mit fortgeschrittenem oder metastasiertem Basalzellkarzinom eingesetzt wird. Vismodegib ist der erste Vertreter der neuen Wirkstoffklasse der Hedgehog-Signalweg-Inhibitoren. Es wurde in dieser Indikation als Erivedge im Januar 2012 in den USA und im Juli 2013 in der EU zugelassen Vismodegib, a first-in-class small-molecule inhibitor of hedgehog pathway signaling, is approved by regulatory authorities for the treatment of adults who have metastatic BCC or locally advanced BCC that has recurred after surgery, or who are not candidates for surgery and who are not candidates for radiation Eine zulassungsrelevante klinische Phase-II-Studie mit Vismodegib, einem neuen Hedgehog-Signalweg-Inhibitor, hat jetzt positive Resultate bei Patienten mit fortgeschrittenem Basalzellkarzinom..

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Oral hedgehog pathway inhibitors offer treatment options to patients with basal cell carcinoma (BCC). Vismodegib (Erivedge) is the first hedgehog signaling pathway inhibitor approved by the FDA for the treatment of locally advanced basal cell carcinoma (laBCC) or metastatic basal cell carcinoma The Hedgehog (Hh) signalling pathway is overexpressed in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDA). Preclinical studies have shown that Hh inhibitors reduce pancreatic cancer stem cells (pCSC), stroma.. Zur Behandlung darf bei bestimmten Patienten seit Juni der Hedgehog-Signal-Inhibitor Glasdegib eingesetzt werden. / Foto: Imago/Science Photo Library. INHALT. Neuer Hedgehog-Signal-Hemmer verfügbar Wie wirkt Glasdegib? Strikte Kontrazeption. Auf einer Seite lesen. Glasdegib (Daurismo® 25 mg/100 mg Filmtabletten, Pfizer) wird angewendet in Kombination mit niedrig dosiertem Cytarabin (Low-Dose. Abnormal activation of the Hedgehog (Hh) pathway is a key driver in BCC pathophysiology. Consequently, inhibitors of the Hh pathway have been developed. Molecules that inhibit the receptor protein Smoothened (SMO) are the most advanced in clinical development Hedgehog inhibitors have shown therapeutic effect as monotherapy in neuroendocrine tumor model systems and might be one option to enhance the efficacy of 177Lu-octreotate therapy. The aim of this study was to determine the therapeutic effect of combination therapy using 177Lu-octreotate and the Hedgehog signaling pathway inhibitor sonidegib. METHODS: GOT1-bearing BALB/c nude mice were treated.

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Inhibitoren des Hedgehog-Signalweges (GDC-0449/Fa. Gentech; s.a. Itraconazol) stellen ein neuen medikamentösen Ansatz in der Therapie des fortgeschrittenen Basalzellkarzinoms dar. GDC-0449 ist ein kleines Molekül, das an SMO bindet und damit die Signalweiterleitung unterbindet (s.u. Basalzellkarzinom). Hinweis(e) Der Name Hedgehog (engl. = Igel) rührt von dem igelartigen. The Hedgehog (Hh) signaling pathway is a developmental pathway with important roles in embryogenesis, epithelial-mesenchymal transition, stem/progenitor cell renewal, and tissue regeneration and repair. Dysregulated Hh signaling is implicated in

Sonic hedgehog (Shh), the most widely characterized of the Hedgehog homologs, is essential for proper embryonic development and plays important roles in many cancers. The discovery of small-molecule modulators of Shh signaling provides an avenue to regulate the activity of a pathway implicated in medulloblastoma, basal cell carcinoma, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer and developmental. Our Office. 15 TW Alexander Dr. Suite 320. Research Triangle Park. North Carolina, 27709. United States of Americ Hedgehog-Signalweg-Inhibitor ermöglicht Therapie des fortgeschrittenen Basalzellkarzinoms. Basalzellkarzinom, BCC, Erivedge, Hautkrebs, Hedgehog-Signalweg-Inhibitor, laBCC, mBCC, Vismodegib. Eine erste effektive Therapieoption beim fortgeschrittenen Basalzellkarzinom (BCC) könnte die Inhibition des Hedgehog-Signalwegs darstellen. Das Basalzellkarzinom ist im Frühstadium in den meisten. Bei. Inhibitors of the Hedgehog signaling pathway have generated a great deal of interest in the oncology area due to the mounting evidence of their potential to provide promising therapeutic options.

Hedgehog Pathway Inhibitors: Pipeline Development Activities . The report provides insights into different therapeutic candidates in phase II, I, preclinical and discovery stage. It also analyses. Hedgehog inhibitors are not as commonly used as checkpoint inhibitors by medical oncologists because BCC rarely reaches this stage [of severity]. What factors besides radiation would dissuade you from considering a Hedgehog inhibitor? Perhaps the only other exception to not using a Hedgehog inhibitor is if the patient had extensive BCC that had become locally advanced and unresectable. [An. Hedgehog Pathway Inhibitors: A New Therapeutic Class for the Treatment of Acute Myeloid Leukemia Catriona Jamieson1, Giovanni Martinelli2, Cristina Papayannidis3, and Jorge E. Cortes4 Review 1Division of Hematology-Oncology, UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center and Sanford Stem Cell Clinical Center, La Jolla, California. 2Clinical and Research Leukemia Program, Istituto Scientifico Romagnolo per. Hedgehog; Hedgehog . Inhibitors. Cat.No. Name Information; M6149: HPI-4: HPI-4 (Ciliobrevin A) is a hedgehog (Hh) pathway antagonist. It blocks Sonic hedgehog (Shh)-induced Hh pathway activation (IC50 = 7 μM) downstream of Smo. M4865: Smoothened Agonist (SAG) HCl: Smoothened Agonist (SAG) HCl is a cell-permeable Smoothened (Smo) agonist with EC50 of 3 nM in Shh-LIGHT2 cells. M4841: LDE225. Hedgehog inhibition with the orally bioavailable Smo antagonist LDE225 represses tumor growth and prolongs survival in a transgenic mouse model of islet cell neoplasms. Ann Surg, 254 (2011), pp. 818-823. View Record in Scopus Google Scholar. V. Kumar, A.K. Chaudhary, Y. Dong, H.A. Zhong, G. Mondal, F. Lin, et al. Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of novel Hedgehog inhibitors for.

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The Sonic Hedgehog (Shh) pathway drives a subset of medulloblastomas, a malignant neuroectodermal brain cancer, and other cancers. Small-molecule Shh pathway inhibitors have induced tumor regression in mice and patients with medulloblastoma; however, drug resistance rapidly emerges, in some cases via de novo mutation of the drug target. Here we assess the response and resistance mechanisms to. Background The Hedgehog (Hh) signaling pathway is active in esophageal adenocarcinoma (EAC). We used a patient-derived murine xenograft (PDX) model of EAC to evaluate tumour response to conventional treatment with radiation/chemoradiation with or without Hh inhibition. Our goal was to determine the potential radioresistance effects of Hh signaling and radiosensitization by Hh inhibitors Hedgehog Inhibition bei inoperablem Basalzellkarzinom - eine Kasuistik Constanze Engelmann, Dirk Mechtel, Klinik für Hautkrankheiten und Allergologie, HBK Zwickau, Standort Zwickau Einleitung: Angesichts der steigenden Lebenserwartung und der damit verbundenen steigenden Inzidenz der Hauttumore und Begleiterkrankungen der Patienten wird der Dermatologe immer öfter vor große.

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Hedgehog inhibitor therapy is approved for the medical treatment of locally advanced BCC, metastatic BCC, or recurrent BCC. 12 Research to date has demonstrated the safety and effectiveness of sustained medical therapy alone, but there is little literature on the neoadjuvant role of HHIT for treating extensive BCC before surgical resection and reconstruction. 6,12-14 In order to clarify the. Hedgehog inhibitors have an unclear impact on the natural history of metastatic basal cell carcinoma, Lewis said. Future needs include to look at resistance mechanisms and alterative targets

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  1. Hedgehog signaling is an antagonist of Wnt signaling: transfection of Indian hh (Ihh) into colon cancer cells down-regulates TCF4 expression, whereas conversely, inhibition of TCF4 into colon cancer cells with constitutionally active Wnt-signaling restores Ihh expression. Thus, the differential expression of Hh along the crypt axis appears to restrict Wnt signaling to the crypt base. This.
  2. Glasdegib is the first and only FDA-approved Hedgehog pathway inhibitor for AML. The Hedgehog signaling pathway plays an essential role in embryogenesis. In adults, abnormal activation of this pathway is thought to contribute to the development and persistence of cancer stem cells. The approval is based on results from a randomized clinical trial in which 111 adult patients with newly.
  3. Hedgehog inhibitors as a targeted therapy for skin cancer at the Australasian College of Dermatologists (ACD) Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) in Sydney. Basal-cell carcinoma is the most commonly diagnosed human cancer, accounting for around 80% of all non-melanoma skin cancers. Abnormal Hedgehog-pathway signalling is the key molecular driver of the development of basal-cell carcinoma, and is.
  4. Uncontrolled activation of the Hedgehog/Glioma-associated oncogene (HH/GLI) pathway is a potent oncogenic driver signal promoting numerous cancer hallmarks such as proliferation, survival, angiogenesis, metastasis and metabolic rewiring. Several HH pathway inhibitors have already been approved for medical therapy of advanced and metastatic basal cell carcinoma and acute myeloid leukemia with.
  5. Der Hedgehog-Inhibitor Vismodegib zeigte in klinischen Studien der Phase I und II objektive Ansprechraten von 30-55% und Tumorkontrollraten von 80-90%. Er ist seit Juli 2013 in Europa zur Behandlung von erwachsenen Patienten mit symptomatischen metastasierenden oder lokal fortgeschrittenen Basalzellkarzinomen, die nicht für Chirurgie oder Strahlentherapie geeignet sind, zugelassen. Allerdings.
  6. Hedgehog pathway inhibitors are used to treat skin cancer. They work by preventing cancer cells from spreading and growing. Why are Hedgehog Pathway Inhibitors prescribed? 1. Skin Cancer (100%) Skin Cancer. How is this chart calculated? This chart is created by aggregating the total number of claims for the drugs in this class divided by the # of drugs with a specific indication. It is meant.
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This Hedgehog Pathway Inhibitors - Pipeline Insight, 2021, report provides comprehensive insights about 10+ companies and 10+ pipeline drugs in Hedgehog Pathway Inhibitors pipeline landscape. It covers the pipeline drug profiles, including clinical and nonclinical stage products. It also covers the therapeutics assessment by product type, stage, route of administration, and molecule type. It. Another hedgehog pathway inhibitor, sonidegib (Odomzo), was FDA approved for the treatment of patients with laBCC that recurred following surgery or radiation, or in those who were not eligible for these treatments. Treatment of laBCC with vismodegib can yield an objective response rate of 65%, with a complete response (CR) of 32%. But adverse effects can lead to treatment discontinuation. The hedgehog inhibitor vismodegib is approved for the treatment of locally advanced basal cell carcinoma and metastatic basal cell carcinoma while sonidegib is approved for the treatment of locally advanced basal cell carcinoma in the USA and Europe; and for locally advanced basal cell carcinoma and metastatic basal cell carcinoma in.

PF‐04449913 (PF‐913) is a selective, small‐molecule inhibitor of Smoothened, a membrane protein that regulates the Hedgehog pathway. However, details of the proof‐of‐concept and mechanism of action of PF‐913 following administration to patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) are unclear. This study examined the role of the Hedgehog signaling pathway in AML cells, and evaluated th Hedgehog Pathway Inhibitors. Posted on March 29, 2013 by margaretcostello00@gmail.com May 14, 2018. There is a new class of oral agents which inhibit the pathway that is activated in basal cell carcinoma, the hedgehog pathway. (The hedgehog signalling pathway is one of the key regulators of development and gives cells information they need for development). Agents have been used for.

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  1. Discovery of a Novel Inhibitor of the Hedgehog Signaling Pathway through Cell‐based Compound Discovery and Target Prediction M. Sc. Lea Kremer Abteilung für Chemische Biologie, Max-Planck-Institut für Molekulare Physiologie, Otto-Hahn-Straße 11, 44227 Dortmund, German
  2. Hedgehog signalling in the mouse requires intraflagellar transport proteins. Nature, 426, 83-87. Ingham PW, Taylor AM and Nakano Y. (1991). Role of the Drosophila patched gene in positional signalling. Nature, 353, 184-187. Ingham PW and McMahon AP (2001). Hedgehog signalling in animal development: paradigms and principles. Genes Dev, 15.
  3. Lee MJ, Hatton BA, Villavicencio EH, Khanna PC, Friedman SD, Ditzler S, et al. Hedgehog pathway inhibitor saridegib (ipi-926) increases lifespan in a mouse medulloblastoma model. Proc Natl Acad.
  4. e) is a Hedgehog signaling (IC50=500-700 nM) inhibitor that inhibits.
  5. These 14 segments eventually develop into the head, thorax and abdomen. hedgehog Inhibitors offered by Santa Cruz inhibit hedgehog and, in some cases, other Drosophila melanogaster and segmentation related proteins. View detailed hedgehog Inhibitor specifications, including hedgehog Inhibitor CAS number, molecular weight, molecular formula and chemical structure, by clicking on the product.

Tag: Hedgehog Inhibitor. Vorzeitiger Epiphysenfugenschluss unter Vismodegib (Erivedge) Therapie. By Joseph Gut - thasso Posted on August 10, 2016 Posted in Behördliche Mitteilung, Thasso Post, Theragenomische Medizin, Unerwünschte Arzneimittel Nebenwirkungen No Comments 09. August 2016 - In Übereinstimmung mit Swissmedic hat die Zulassungsinhaberin für Vismodegib (Erivedge), die Roche. CDK7 inhibition; hedgehog pathway; smoothened inhibitor; medulloblastoma; The hedgehog (Hh) pathway plays important roles in governing tissue proliferation, patterning, and homeostasis within normal development and lifespan . Canonical Hh signaling is initiated upon the binding of a Hh ligand (2, 3) to the cell-surface 12-pass transmembrane receptor patched (PTCH1) (4, 5), which relieves its.

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Oral hedgehog inhibitors have proven to be an effective, well-tolerated, and valuable treatment option for the oncologist faced with metastatic or locally advanced disease BCC. Although the vast majority of BCCs are curable with excision, topical therapy or radiotherapy, due to the large incidence, the number of patients with locally advanced or metastatic disease is not inconsequential. It is. Unterschiedliche Hedgehog-Liganden, darunter die homologen Proteine Sonic Hedgehog (Shh), Indian Hedgehog (Ihh) und Desert Hedgehog (Dhh), werden als Vorstufe gebildet, welche vor der Sekretion die autokatalytische Spaltung, eine C-terminale Cholesterinbindung und eine N-terminale Palmitoylierung durchlaufen 4SC AG stärkt Patentschutz für den Hedgehog/GLI-Signalweg Inhibitor 4SC-208 ^ DGAP-News: 4SC AG / Schlagwort: Patent 4SC AG stärkt Patentschutz für den... | 18 Januar 202 Cyclopamine tartrate, an inhibitor of Hedgehog signaling, strongly interferes with mitochondrial function and suppresses aerobic respiration in lung cancer cells Md Maksudul Alam1, Sagar Sohoni1, Sarada Preeta Kalainayakan1, Massoud Garrossian2 and Li Zhang1,3* Abstract Background: Aberrant Hedgehog (Hh) signaling is associated with the development of many cancers including prostate cancer. Press release - Reports and Data - Hedgehog Pathway Inhibitors Market Insights with Latest Statistics and Growth Prediction to 2027 | Pfizer Inc., F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG, Sun Pharmaceutical.

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Primary Analysis of Phase 2 Results for Cemiplimab in Patients (pts) with Locally Advanced Basal Cell Carcinoma (laBCC) who Progress on or are Intolerant to Hedgehog Inhibitors (HHIs) Main Article Conten The Hedgehog Pathway Inhibitors - Pipeline Insight, 2021 drug pipelines has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering.. This Hedgehog Pathway Inhibitors - Pipeline Insight, 2021, report. The Inhibitor Rings,1 also known as gold rings,2 are objects in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. They are rings worn by Shadow the Hedgehog to restrain his power which he has worn since his creation onboard the Space Colony ARK. 1 Description 2 History 2.1 Sonic Adventure 2 2.2 Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) 3 In other media 3.1 Sonic X 3.2 Archie Comics 4 Trivia 5 Gallery 6 References The Inhibitor. Kombination von LiCl mit Hedgehog-Inhibitoren als neuer Ansatz für die Rhabdomyosarkom Therapie DSpace Repositorium (Manakin basiert Glasdegib hat von der EMA in Kombination mit niedrig dosiertem Cytarabin die Zulassungsempfehlung zur Behandlung der AML erhalten - Lesen Sie mehr auf www.journalonko.de

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The hedgehog (Hh) signaling pathway is activated in many types of cancer and therefore presents an attractive target for new anticancer agents. Here, we show that mebendazole, a benzamidazole with a long history of safe use against nematode infestations and hydatid disease, potently inhibited Hh signaling and slowed the growth of Hh-driven human medulloblastoma cells at clinically attainable. Fingerprint Dive into the research topics of 'Repurposing the antihelmintic mebendazole as a hedgehog inhibitor'. Together they form a unique fingerprint. Mebendazole Medicine & Life Science

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Vismodegib, First Hedgehog Inhibitor, Approved for BCC Patients . January 30, 2012. Ben Leach . Ben Leach. The FDA has approved vismodegib for the treatment of patients with basal cell carcinoma. Hedgehog inhibitors Thursday, November 14, 2013. Like other holometabolous bugs, Drosophilmelanogaster undergoes dramatic reorgan . Like other holometabolous insects, Drosophilmelanogaster undergoes dramatic re-organization of its central nervous system throughout metamorphosis. The subesophageal buy Enzalutamide ganglion separates GW0742 508233-74-7 in the thoracic ganglion, the mind fuses. Co-delivery of small molecule hedgehog inhibitor and miRNA for treating liver fibrosis. Biomaterials 2016, 76, 144-156. DOI: 10.1016/j.biomaterials.2015.10.047. Chloe Martin, Noorjahan Aibani, John F Callan, Bridgeen Callan. Recent advances in amphiphilic polymers for simultaneous delivery of hydrophobic and hydrophilic drugs. Therapeutic Delivery 2016, 7 (1) , 15-31. DOI: 10.4155/tde.15.84. Hedgehog-Inhibitoren blockieren den pathologisch überaktivierten sog. Hedgehog-Signalweg in Tumorzellen des Basalzellkarzinoms. Mehrere Vertreter dieser neuen Substanzgruppe befinden sich in der klinischen Entwicklung, v.a. GDC-0449 (Vismodegib) der Fa. Hoffmann-La Roche und LDE225 (Erismodegib) der Fa. Novartis. Eine Phase II Studie mit Vismodegib zeigte, dass bei 43 Prozent der Patienten. Possible synergistic role of hedgehog inhibitors with chemotherapy like gemcitabine, as well as biologics like tyrosine kinase inhibitors might introduce novel combinations as treatment options. The involvement of the hedgehog pathway in pancreatic cancer stem cell biology and the preclinical data that show prevention of metastases and inhibition of occult tumors, imply that such inhibitors.

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Gorlin Syndrome on Hedgehog Inhibitors has 287 members. This is a private, social group for people with Gorlin Syndrome (and their supporters) who have basal cell carcinomas and are utilizing or considering the class of drugs called hedgehog inhibitors to reduce the size and prevent the development of BCC's. Gorlin Syndrome may also be called BCCNS, Gorlin-Goltz Syndrome; Syndroma de Gorlin. The Hedgehog (Hh) pathway is a signaling cascade that directs patterning in most animals and is crucial for proper development. At the molecular level, Hh ligands drive cell proliferation in some cell types while causing others to undergo differentiation. Hh signaling is most active during embryogenesis, and aberrant reactivation of the pathway in adult tissue can lead to the development of. DelveInsight s, Hedgehog Pathway Inhibitors - Pipeline Insight, 2021, report provides comprehensive insights about 10+ companies and 10+ pipeline drugs in Hedgehog Pathway Inhibitors pipeline landscape. It covers the pipeline drug profiles, including clinical and nonclinical stage products. It also covers the therapeutics assessment by product type, stage, route of administration, and molecule.

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Combination of Hedgehog inhibitors and standard chemotherapeutic reagents induces synergistic inhibition of human osteosarcoma growth in vivo. Stably GFP-expressing 143B cells were inoculated subcutaneously or into the left knee joint of nude mice (n=8 or 9 per group). Tumor volume was calculated weekly using the formula LW2/2 (where L and W represent the length and width of tumors). Seven. The aberrant hedgehog (Hh)/GLI signaling pathway causes the formation and progression of a variety of tumors. To search for Hh/GLI inhibitors, we screened for naturally occurring inhibitors of the transcriptional activator GLI1 by using a cell‐based assay Inhibition of hedgehog with small-molecule inhibitors of Smo potently ameliorates clinical and histologic changes of murine cGVHD in both preventive and therapeutic regimens. Because inhibitors of Smo are available and well tolerated, targeting hedgehog signaling might be a novel strategy for clinical trials in cGVHD. The publication costs of this article were defrayed in part by page charge. This study shows that an engineered biomimetic nanoparticle decorated with a targeting ligand and loaded with a sonic hedgehog inhibitor maintains its stability in the circulation, crosses the blood-brain barrier (BBB), and delivers drug molecules to the cancer stem-like cell population in sonic hedgehog subtype of medulloblastoma. Leveraging the natural capabilities of high-density. This report describes the development of a target-protein-oriented natural-products-isolation (TPO-NAPI) method for Hedgehog inhibitors and the direct GLI1 inhibitor, 5′-O-methyl-3-hydroxyflemingin A (3), which inhibited hedgehog (Hh) signal transduction and diminished characteristics of cancer stem cells. Eight natural products (including three newly described products) that directly bind.

Hedgehog分子是一种分节极性基因,因突变的果蝇胚胎呈多毛团状,酷似受惊刺猬而得名。已知该基因编码一种高度保存的分泌型糖蛋白,对于调节果蝇胚胎发育中细胞定向分化有重要作用。Hedgehog分子信号途径在胚胎发育中扮演着一种根本性的作用,它也对髓母细胞瘤的发展起着促进作用 The Hedgehog (Hh) signaling pathway is inappropriately activated in certain human cancers, including medulloblastoma, an aggressive brain tumor. GDC-0449, a drug that inhibits Hh signaling by targeting the serpentine receptor Smoothened (SMO), has produced promising anti-tumor responses in early clinical studies of cancers driven by mutations in this pathway Follicle depletion is one of the causes of premature ovarian failure (POF) and primary ovarian insufficiency (POI). Hence, maintenance of a certain number of female germline stem cells (FGSCs) is optimal to produce oocytes and replenish the primordial follicle pool. The mechanism that regulates proliferation or stemness of FGSCs could contribute to restoring ovarian function, but it remains. Gonnissen A, Isebaert S, McKee CM, Dok R, Haustermans K, Muschel RJ. The hedgehog inhibitor GANT61 sensitizes prostate cancer cells to ionizing radiation both in vitro and in vivo. Oncotarget. (2016) 7:84286-98. doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.12483. PubMed Abstract | CrossRef Full Text | Google Scholar. 35. Teichman J, Dodbiba L, Thai H, Fleet A, Morey T, Liu L, et al. Hedgehog inhibition mediates.

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